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About Dunsborough Leavers

Join the biggest Leavers week in Western Australia. Each year thousands of students head to Dunsborough leavers week for an awesome week of parties and a great place to relax after a hectic exam period.

Located on the beach, Dunsborough is the perfect place to soak up the sun with your friends during the day, and then take part in the awesome schoolies atmosphere at night at the Leavers Zone. There seriously is no better place to celebrate finishing high school.

Dunsborough is considered to be a safe location for Leavers week whilst still containing all the elements that makes Leavers week so memorable.

Are you and your friends ready for the best week ever?! Click the link below to book your Leavers accommodation in Dunsborough or nearby towns of Busselton, Margaret River and Yallingup. Once booked, you will get the latest info on the Leavers Wristbands, Leavers Zone, Leavers Transport & Bus Route and the famous Meelup Beach Party.

Dunsborough Leavers

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Dunsborough Leavers

For the genuine Dunsborough Leavers Experience… Make Sure it’s a Sure Thing! schoolies@surething.com.au

Dunsborough Leavers

The hype for Leavers 2024 is real and now it’s time to start planning your Leavers 2024 accommodation and transport.

Since the early 80s Leavers has been gaining momentum in becoming one of the largest celebrations in Western Australia. With graduates galavanting en masse to make the most of the awesome events and prolific parties that erupt at some of the state’s favourite holiday destinations, demand often outweighs supply, with all the best Leavers accommodation options naturally selling out first.

Dunsborough Leavers is an industry leader in providing first-class Leavers getaways. Throughout our combined 20 years experiences, we have developed the most extensive range of Leavers accommodation affiliations of anyone in the business and honed our insight into the biggest and best parties like no one else. Whether you want to lock in a room at one of the State’s official Schoolies resorts or secure a serene, secluded retreat for you and your nearest and dearest, we are here to assist.

Our top Leavers 2024 Accommodation destinations:

Dunsborough Leavers 2024

Dunsborough Leavers is WA’s biggest Leavers celebration. Home to the Leavers Zone and the Meelup Beach Fest, it promises to be an epic celebration for any school leaver.

Busselton Leavers 2024

Offering easy access to all the excitement of Dunsborough Leavers, with a side serving of extra serenity. Busselton Leavers is perfect for those seeking the best of both worlds (the parties and the beaches)!

Our top International Leavers destinations:

Bali Leavers 2024 

Western Australia’s favourite international outing locale, Bali, is growing iBook Bali Leavers with Tribe Travel and see what all the hype is about.

Seminyak Leavers 2024

Offering Bali’s best concentration of beach clubs and a culinary scene to die for, Leavers in Seminyak should be on the radar of any graduates keen to live large on a budget for their big week away.

Kuta Leavers 2024 

Being Bali’s most prolific party point, Kuta Beach is promised to impress. With an inspiring lineup of nightclubs, live entertainment and breathtaking beaches to enjoy, Schoolies Kuta Beach is sure to leave you wanting more.

By getting in now for 2024, not only will you have access to the broadest range of accommodation options but you will also have the option to pay your package in instalments, offering you more financial freedom when the big week does arrive. Don’t wait until it’s too late and don’t compromise your once-in-a-lifetime Leavers experience by working with anyone but the best. Book with Dunsborough Leavers today!